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Seed Round

Missing The Mark

Most microsite solutions seem to excel in one department, but fall short in others, leaving users compromised in settling with one option while wishing for features of another.

Providing Opportunity

My Artist Page looks to take the strengths of each platform and amplify them in a truly intuitive way, providing opportunity for all walks of life, be that an individual or a business.

Your Ultimate Microsite Solution

Social Media? Webstore? Blog? Whatever it may be that you wish to share with the world, My Artist Page is the solution to effectively captivate and redirect your audience accordingly. With complete creative control and tools for ultimate productivity, MAPs will empower your ability to embellish every outlet that speaks to you and your brand / business.

Key Features

Shopify Products Sync

Custom Domain / URL Mapping

Social Media Feed Sync

Marketing Integrations

Multi Page Micro Sites

Theme / Template Marketplace

Multiple Users / Managers

Google Analytics Integration

Becoming The Authority

During the beta phase, we will be building out our enterprise-focused membership tier while navigating strategic relationships with record labels, management firms, booking agencies, and entertainment companies alike.

A Platform For Everyone

Our focus for gaining market authority forms from aforementioned key relationships while exploring the marketing power of demographic-relevant influencers, advertising campaigns, and incentivized user-engagement. Part of this seed stage is an interest in building our advisors and operating team such that we can appropriately formulate our go-to-market strategy with effective brand messaging and execution.




Industry Pros


Teams & Labels

The Opportunity

We are seeking an initial $400,000 in seed funding to finishing building out the platform, cover ignition-phase expenses and operating costs, employment, and begin modest marketing efforts to usher in a selection of beta-stage users. This funding will cover 6 months of runway to get the platform moved out of beta into a full launch.

Platform Roadmap


Funding Utilization

Want To Invest Or Be An Advisor?

Please feel free to reach out! Contact Adam at adam@indieamplify.com we are eager to dive in and become a household name of microsite solutions.